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¿Hablas Español? – Spanish Translations

Although I am not a native English speaker, I decided to use this language for this website due to its popularity across the world, whereas my native has a very limited reach, especially on the Internet. Moreover, most of the documents and US/EU/NATO-based material are written in English, not to mention IT documentation.

Nevertheless, localization is fundamental to widen our hobby and passion and I fully support the translation of material and documents. In that regard, a few months ago, Ce_zeta, member of the Esquadrón 69, contacted me asking if he could translate some articles in Spanish.
The following are two examples of his work:

If you want to know more about the Escuadrón 69, head here.

Escuadrón 69 Logo

Meanwhile, here is a brief description of the squadron:

Escuadrón 69 is Spanish-speaking virtual squadron founded in 2006. The Squadron now is focused in DCS and Il-2 Saga. In DCS, we fly regularly Ka-50s, F-14s and F/A-18Cs. We also run a Public DCS server, E69 Cleared Hot.

…And of course in Spanish 🙂

El escuadrón 69 es un escuadrón virtual de habla hispana fundado en 2006. El Escuadrón está enfocado actualmente en las sagas DCS e IL-2. En DCS volamos regularmente Ka-50s, F-14s y F/A-18Cs. También disponemos de un servidor publico en DCS, E69 Cleared Hot.

By the way, Escuadrón 69 has their own Firefox themes, how cool is that!?

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