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[FUN] New Virpil Throttle Panel vs My Aux Panel

So, Virpil has recently shown a picture of their new MongoosT-50CM2 + Control Panel Variant. As soon as I looked at it, it reminded me of something… Yep, the Aux panel I built long time ago and I recently used as an example discussing the use of resistors to control multiple buttons with one pin.


Since it’s clear how similar they are, we can compare them: which one is better? Virpil’s newest Virgin product or my plastic-box-and-hand-drill made Chad-panel?

There is only one way to tell: FIGHT!

Undoubtedly, the hand-drill-plastic-box has a certain thing, an artisan flavour that the cold, machined metal doesn’t have. Features-wise, since I have so many standard push-buttons, I filled the Aux panel with 2-way or 3-way latched switches, plus 3x 3-way momentary switches. Virpil’s panel has 2x pots whereas I have 3 rotary encoders with push-buttons.
Cool to notice that Virpil has a single, big, push-button, right in the middle of the box. They totally got the idea from my box!!11!
Where I totally win is the 3-way master switch that triples the amount of momentary switches on my board. You don’t have that, Virpil!


Now, in case you missed the title (there is always someone that misses the title), this whole post is just to have a bit of fun. On the other hand, it is clear how Virpil wants to offer a more complete range of products, rather than just a “simple” HOTAS. Being their customer since more than two years ago, I am really excited to see them following this direction and expanding their offer. I especially look forward to their Collective (here is an article from HeliSimmer): there are alternatives on the market, such as the well-known products by Komodo Simulations, but they are really expensive (I’m not debating the cost of their brilliant products of course, but unfortunately such a high cost cuts off possible customers).

Back to the Throttle Control Panel; functions-wise, it does resemble mine but it’s hard to be different: the common controls used in our hobby are push*buttons, 2/3-way switches and pots/encoders. Moreover, it is if we consider that they have reduced the size and the number of functions of their throttle. The potentiometers, for instance, were previously part of the Throttle itself.
I’d have really appreciated a sort of lever to control the landing gear or something similar. That is something quite rare on this type of devices (except for the Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel).

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