DCS F-14 & RIO Gaming

Kneeboard Pack v2

It has been a while since I released my first Kneeboard Pack, I recently added and updates some pages. Installation instruction (it’s a simple copy-paste), are available here.
This second release contains:

  • KA-50
    • Pressure Conversion Table: allows to quickly convert millibar, inches of Hg and millimetres of Hg. This table is suitable for the Mi-8 Hip as well.
  • F-14B
    • RIO Startup Procedure: a brief checklist covering the startup procedure and different settings for different phases of the flight (i.e. taxiing, FENCE IN, landing, etc).
    • TACAN INS Fix: being able to fix a drifted INS is one of the basic skills requested to any RIO. This page reports all the TACAN stations in the Caucasus and Persian Gulf, elevation and magnetic variation included. I covered the TACAN Fix in a dedicated article.
    • INS Fix: Visual, Radar, Fighter-to-figher: more ways to FIX a “funny” INS. As per the previous method, I wrote articles going more into the details: this is about the Visual update, this article covers instead the Fighter-to-Figher and other methods.
    • Crew Cross-checks: a list of valuable checks to be performed at different stages of the mission to make sure that everything is working, and minimizing the risk of FUBAR the mission.
    • AWG-9 Elevation Model: One of my first, in-depth studies about the F-14. Methodology and details are available here.
    • Radar Mating and Airspace sharing (WIP): This is test I was conducting to compensate for the limitations of the AWG-9 and unsure the best possible radar coverage. This test is vaguely based on the US Navy radar mating procedures but needs a lot more testing but I hope you may find this page interesting.
    • AA Flow (WIP): Another WIP page, this is a collection of notes about the Air-to-Air Intercept Timeline, adjusted to take advantage of the capabilities of the AIM-54 and the shortages of the AWG-9 (namely, the look-down scenario). Again, this page needs more testing but I hope you may find it useful and interesting nevertheless.

As usual, the Kneeboard Pack v2 is available in the Download page.

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