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MDC Generator v0.9


This version of the MDC Generator is outdated. Newer versions are available in this dedicated page (from the top menu: “F-14 & RIO” → “Mission Datacard Generator“)

I spent a couple of hours to sort out some bugs and I added a couple more features to the MDC Generator. Namely:


Fixed a couple of functions giving errors (victims of the code “clean-up” I did right before posting).

True Bearing

Added True Bearing calculation to the MDCp1. It estimates the route changes to get to the next waypoint. It helps to mentally visualize the flightplan, increasing the pilot’s awareness. As per the distance, the TBRG is an estimation.

MDC Generator v0.9 – True Bearing in the Planner

MDC Generator v0.9 – True Bearing in the MDC

Default Codewords

Added some default Codewords, I found re-writing them post reset a bit tedious. These codewords are taken from some used in the 132nd Virtual Wing.

Data Sources

Added Data Sources: if you fly with different groups or on different servers, frequencies, agencies and pre-fixed waypoints can change. Overwriting the same tables every time can be both time-consuming and, honestly, annoying. Therefore, I added a simple field in the “Payload & Mission Options” sheet that allows you to define which table is going to be used to feed airfields, waypoints and agencies.
Simply duplicate the original table, rename it and adjust it as you prefer. Then, in the above mentioned fields, paste the new tables name and everything will work as before, as long as you have maintained the consistency of the tables (i.e. fields order and type).

MDC Generator v0.9 – Data Sources

In the example above I created a different table with default agencies used by the 132nd VW. You can do the same and change values depending on the group you are flying with, or even depending on a specific scenario or mission.
The number of rows in the table also allow to quickly verify if the table name matches an existing sheet.

As usual, this simple MDC Generator is based on Google Spreadsheet. You can make your copy by clicking here (outdated).

If you need instructions or directions have a look at this article or feel free to contact me.

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