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Early Spring Cleaning

A short update about the website: new theme, new logo and reorganization of some articles. Spring-cleaning done early this year!


This theme is cleaner and better organized than the previous (especially after a couple of changes in the CSS), it has a couple of drawbacks:

  • it is limited to five “Featured Articles”;
  • excerpts are not completed automatically any more. I wrote a few for the recent articles, but the order still have to be done.

Feedback welcomed!


I spent a good five minutes making a new logo. The idea was sketching the &bull (→ •) to recall Phillip screws heads and the E as PCB traces, but eventually I run out of time ( ◄ nice excuse to mask my incompetence with GIMP).

Articles Reorganized & New Pages

I created three new pages (not all of them new, to be honest) to have a single reference point for the MDC, the Kneeboard Pack and articles about procedures, hence applicable to a variety of aircraft (with a couple of adjustments, since I wrote them with the F-14 in mind).
For example, I used to create a new article at the release of a new version of the MDC Generator, but then I had to update every single post. This new organization saves time and condense the updates in a single place.

  • MDC Generator: this is the new, univocal, home of the MDC Generator;
  • Kneeboard Pack: same as above, the new page features an overview of each kneeboard page in the pack and a changelog;
  • Procedures and Operations: concepts such as the BVR Timeline or the Intercept Geometry can be applied by pretty much any aircraft (before some Captain Obvious points it out, A-10, SU-25 & similia are excluded). Those articles are now listed in this single page.

These three pages are accessible from different parts of the website, the easiest is the bar on the right, in a dedicated box (“DCS Resources“), right after the medial links box.

General News & Thoughts

  1. The Intercept Geometry is coming along nicely, part VII is ready to go as soon as I find enough time to draw the last remaining sketches (Spoiler: one of the CCC Formulas). It’s another ~3500 words papyrus, and covers the basic concept of the Intercept in the 2000s, most of them already discussed previously (but there are sometimes drastic differences). It is followed by part VIII, featuring the Intercept Progression in the 2000s plus a couple of demo videos.
    Hopefully I can restrict the whole Intercept Geometry study in less than a dozen chapters. It’s getting slightly out of hand…
  2. There was an interesting discussion on /r/hoggit that can be a good inspiration for a short article: in primis to describe the process of building SA; then to show how understanding the basics of the geometry can help to solve a similar situation (or, in the worst case, provide more options).
  3. I’m still wondering whether launching a new Discord or a Forum / Board here can be useful or just a waste of time: at the moment I receive messages via email and Discord for the most part, more rarely via reddit or ED Forum, but often the question is similar and the answer is the same. Opening a small forum here (not aiming to create a new community, there are too many already, just a place for public Q&A and short discussions) would definitely help.
  4. A number of the messages mentioned above are about similar topics: issues with the avionics or the radar, for example, or clarifications of basic procedure. For that reason at some point I will take most of what I wrote so far and release it as a PDF; a short guide about playing as RIO.
    At the moment content related to the same topic is sometime spread over multiple articles, and this does not help you lads and lassies.

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