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SAM Sites Template Mission updated, Mi-24P Hind, and More

A few news about DCS and the website: the island of Cyprus is now part of the Syria map, SSG_Levi has kindly provided a new version of his SAM Template mission; the Mi-24P has just been released (EA); and other news about the website.

Howdy folks,
another less-productive-than-I-wanted month here. I am in the process of moving (yep, again), this time for good, but the ordeal is taking a ridiculous amount of time (and paperwork).

Meanwhile, the world does not stop, so where are a few news:

SAM Sites Template Mission by SSG_Levi: Updated!

SSG_Levi kindly provided a new version of his SAM Template Mission for the Syria map. You can find it in the Download page.
Just be advised that this mission will eat up a good chunk of your RAM (I use mixed medium/high details, bottlenecked by an old non-Ti 1070, but DCS uses 22GB out of 64GB of my RAM). As for the previous version, the advice is removing the units in the parts of the map you do not need, and enjoy the rest!

More information about the mission, including sources and modus operandi, are available here.

Mi-24P: EA Version Released

The Mil Mi-24P “Hind” Early Access version has been released. The first look is impressive: the AI is simple to use, and the interface is, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant. The flight model is, from a profane point of view, very convincing. The plan is pairing up with a real Mi-17 pilot and get some impressions and have some fun. He also flies with Mi-35 pilots, the export version of the Mi-24V.

Bonus: the fan is already a meme 🙂

New Friends!

I recently joined a DCS group based on the US east coast. They fly in the local afternoon (weekends, around 1900z / 1930z) on top of evenings. Which means that I should be able to fly, even with my silly schedule and limited spare time (unfortunately, training and missions in the 132nd VW are scheduled much earlier, so I was de facto grounded).

They seem like a nice bunch of guys (and girls), aiming for a more immediate but slightly less simulative experience. I am currently co-working on preparing a proposal for their RIO training program. The question is, as always, how to fit everything in a rather short training cycle…
If you are a US-based RIO (or any RIO available at the aforementioned hours) looking for a friendly place to start or play with; with a training program covering pretty much what you can read in this website, give me a shout.

More on them later!


A few articles are ready or almost ready to be published. Such as:

  • TWS Video Snippet Analysis: a brief look at the video, with additional notes and observations;
  • TID Aircraft Stabilized Updated: the observations about this mode span through several articles. The new one will go straight to the point, adding new observations, in order to provide a single reference point for this TID mode;
  • Intercept Geometry X: no new additions have been made to this article. It is almost ready to go (a couple of hundred words to be added, plus a quick review);
  • Intercept Geometry XI: halfway through, it is a rather short article, covering the doctrine from the 50s to modern times, 50% completed;
  • Back to Basics – Beaming vs Notching: almost ready, just some sketches to put together.

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