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DCS Syria: SAM Sites Template Mission by SSG_Levi

After I posted on r/hoggit the link to the video made by AssafB about the new DCS Syria map, I have been contacted by SSG_Levi: he put together a brilliant mission template for the new map that you can download and change for your own missions.


On top of adding SAM sites in different locations, SSG_Levi has added more features; this is a short list:

  • Unclassified locations in Israel, like SAM site locations, EW, communication sites gas rig near the coast and a secondary power plant near Ramat David;
  • A small Armor and Artillery site in the Golan (as these are two known bases);
  • Basic friendly jets with some waypoints to make the mission more alive, as well as some Syrian jets on alert at several trigger zones;
  • UAV and a JTAC in the north border area;
  • Carrier group with 2x S3 tankers on alert using the radio menu;
  • AAA sites and MANPADS are missing to reduce AI load; they can be added for the specific AO of the mission;
  • There is a Russian S300 site in Hemimim airbase. As it is not engaging US and Israeli jets operating in Syria, it is set to hold fire;
  • Syrian T4 airbase is not present yet on the map, so parked jets will be added later, but the SAMs are already in their estimated locations.

Unfortunately SA5 sites are only marked, until the model itself is available in DCS.


The following are some sources used by SSG_Levi to build the mission:

Download & Installation

The mission is available for download in the homonym page. Current version is 0.8.
You can open the mission from any location. The default path for missions in DCS OpenBeta is:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions

In the meantime, 132nd.AssafB is preparing another surprise: a high-res map of the theatre featuring the detailed locations of Israeli Outposts and UN/UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) Outposts, complete with latlong coordinates, elevation and so on. It will be a great tool to plan realistic missions in the new DCS map.

Fun fact: luckily I decided to get 64GB of RAM when I updated my PC. This is DCS running at mid-high details. Maxed out it can use even more RAM!

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