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Back to Basics: Rate of Closure (Vc)

The Closure Rate, indicated as VC, is one of the most common parameters encountered in any aerial combat. However, its importance is often overlooked.
This short article aims to shred some light over this very useful value.

DCS F-14 & RIO Gaming

Something new: Video Snippets!

The original purpose of this website was a sort of permanent and personal repository for introductory guides and firmware about Arduino. The idea was sharing links, rather than answering similar questions over and over.
With the release of DCS F-14 by Heatblur, the music changed, and this place became a diary of the journey in a new-yet-old aircraft and the wonderful world of fixed-wing aircraft. However, I am still answering questions…

DCS F-14 & RIO Gaming

Intercept Geometry – Part IX: “Unknown Procedures” & Fleet Conversions p1 [P-825/02]

Another series of concepts from the second half of the P-825/02 are discussed, including the so-called “Unknown Procedures”, Fleet Conversions and the Advanced Intercepts.

Due to the length of the discussion, “Unknown Procedures” and the first part of the Fleet Conversions are covered in this article. The second part of the Fleet Conversions and the Advanced Intercepts are topics of the next chapter of this series (Part X).