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Getting ready for the F-14: Preliminary controls arrangement

The Tomcat is coming in three days. This is my preliminary assignment of the most common buttons in the Pilot cockpit.
Everything is still very much WIP since I won’t know how buttons will be used and which methods of binding will be available until the release day. For instance 3-way switches can be assigned to two buttons (up/down – RAZBAM does that usually) or/and real 3-way switches (pos Up, pos Down, pos Mid – ED/Belsimtek way).
Moreover, functions such as the Target Designator use are still a bit obscure to me so I might move them later to more easily accessible positions.
Another example is the Weapon Selector on the stick: will each weapon be assignable directly to a position of a hat or it will require an up/down pair of buttons?


There are a number of unassigned buttons, I left them in order to have a flexibility until I finalize the setup.
Other temporary controls are the TACAN (Jester / Human RIO can handle it) and the AN/ARC-159.

The real challaenge is the RIO seat. I might end up using my CH MFP again!

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