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News: F14 Jamming + Open Training Discussion

Patch 2.8 has been release a few hours ago, and applies jamming effects to the F-14 Tomcat.
Tomorrow evening I will host an impromptu discussion, covering SA, avionics, basic geometry. You are welcome to join!

Jamming Effects

The discussion about Jamming effects has been quite heated since the announcement. On one had, numerous anecdotal sources seem to prove the positive experience of pilots and crews in such environments. On the other, the extremely limited implementation of jamming in DCS which, de facto, so far, prevents any more in-depth experience.

At the moment, what we have follows the “canon” of DCS. There are a couple of issues, which should be addressed quite soon. What you see below, for example, should not be possible.

Also, Iceman did weird things and stalled whilst I was in the back seat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you want to test the effect of ECMs, remember that the AI use them only when locked. Otherwise, you can force them from the advanced settings of the unit you wish to use.

Open Training Session – Impromptu

Until the end of next week, I have a bit of spare time and I planned a 1-on-1 training session with a friend. It should have been next week, but we had to move it to tomorrow, 28/10/2022 at circa 1900z. Therefore, I have little time to prepare material, so the discussion will be very open and interactive, rather than a lecture.
Situational Awareness is the main topic: avionics, radar modes, intercept geometry, and how the pilot must put everything together to increase his understanding of the environment.
If you are interested, hop in Discord. The discussion will be held there, along, probably, Twitch streaming (higher quality compared to Discord).

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