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Kneeboard Pack

The Kneeboard Pack has now a new dedicated page, to centralize updates and new additions to the pack, rather than spreading them across multiple articles.

My DCS Kneeboard Pack now has a new dedicated page, featuring the details of each kneeboard page, changelog, and additional notes.

I also changed the menu of the website, adding a new tab for DCS, under which will fall pages about general aspects of the game or applicable to multiple modules.
At the moment the Kneeboard Pack and the Mission Datacard Generator are part of such menu, later the theory of the Intercept Geometry and Timelines will be reorganized into an ad-hoc set of pages. I am also considering moving the articles dedicated to DCS into a separated page.
The aim is centralized and give a more homogeneous structure to this website, something long due but necessary now that FlyAndWire features almost 200 published articles.

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