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A-6E Intruder coming to DCS!

Heatblur has just announced a new module, the iconic A6-E Intruder!

Update #3

Heatblur’s post on FB mentioned the A-6E, but it seems that they are not committing to any specific variant yet. I hope we will get both the A-6E TRAM and the SWIP upgrades. The latter would better fit more modern settings, giving the Intruder even more flexibility and appeal (I’m happy with whatever fits the period between mid ’70s and early ’90s).

If you are looking for a quick overview of the versions, this post by MiG21bisFishbedL in ED forums is a good place to start.

This video instead contains a great introduction of the A6, cockpit included!

In case you missed them video premiered by Eagle Dynamics earlier this evening (zulu time) and Heatblur’s post on FB, the A-6E and the KA-6 are coming to DCS (full fidelity module the former, AI only the latter).

This is the video. There are lots of new details to catch, besides the honestly pretty good new clouds and the A-6:

So, the A-6 Intruder. HB announced it was coming as an AI long ago, but eventually we are getting the full fidelity module!
I’m not usually a “hype train” person, but damn the A-6E is exciting. The E is the definitive of the Intruder and if Heatblur will do what they did with the F-14, we could expect at least a couple of versions, spanning from the ’70s to the ’90s, the latter should be equipped with HARMs and Harpoons. This would allow us to field the “correct” A-6E and F-14 together depending on the setting, one dealing with the air, the other with the ground (or just bomb-trucking). Amazing news for the lovers of the Cold War era (on top of the MiG-23MLA being developed by RAZBAM and the possible MiG-29A from ED)!

The KA-6 instead will only receive a new AI model so, unfortunately, no new neat game mechanics incoming for now.

Here are some screenshots taken from the video linked above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, will I get it? Yep, day-one pre-order of course.
I will follow an approach similar to what I did with the F-14: in-depth study of manuals and other sources to build a bedrock of knowledge necessary to then work of the real procedures.


  1. I really hope they go with A6 as with the Tomcat. Two or three variants in differebt ages. A-6A for Vietnam and the TRAM for later scenarios.


  2. I know this is a late post to this, but I also hope it evolves into the EA-6B variant availability! This would bring it full circle for sure! I was fortunate enough to see this variant in my career as EFR Marine. To fly it has always been a dream of mine!


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