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Kneeboard Pack v3

The new version of the Kneeboard Pack features a minor restyle

New Kneeboard “Hub”

The new versions of the Kneeboard Pack, along with details of the pages, changelog and other info are now available in a centralized page here, rather than in different pages spread across the website.

The new version of the Kneeboard Pack features a minor restyle of the F-14 older pages to improve readability plus some new dedicated sheets to the fuel consumption model (CAP loadout so far), two reference tables for Ripple delivery and a new page dedicated to the BVR flow.

The ripple spacing I used come from feedback from our JTACs and the interval is the closest possible interval setting for the desired spacing (due to the limitations of the F-14). The pilot has to fly at a certain speed (TAS), maintain a certain diving angle and release at a specific altitude that match the table. It is not an easy task, but it is indeed a lot of fun and the RIO can help by monitoring speed and altitude, whilst the Pilot focuses on the diving angle and the chosen CPTR Delivery Mode.

Dark theme

Starting with this version, I’m adding a dark version of the Kneeboard Pack, better suited for night-time operations and preference in general. At the moment I’m simply inverting the colours (some pages are hostly quite ugly..), once the pages are final, then I may do some ad hoc modifications.


As usual, the Kneeboard Pack is available in the Download section of the website.


To install this pack (it is a simple copy-paste), you can follow the instructions here.


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